3 Tips To Overcome Interview Anxiety

Interview anxiety is an issue with many job seekers, more than 40% job seekers face this problem.

A certain amount of anxiety can be a good thing in a stressful situation and may in fact help you to be sharper and help you perform better.

Here are some tips from us to channel your anxiety and not get the best of you:

  1. Prepare as much as possible

Before you go to any interview, make sure you prepare for it as much as possible. Prepare beforehand by learning about the company, for which you are applying and practice interview questions.

This will help to boost your confidence which can help you to channel your nervousness into a positive energy.

  1. Keep Calm

Whenever you are getting anxious, start taking deep breaths, this will help you to calm down.

Once you are in an interview, taking a pause and deep breaths can be very helpful towards calming any jitters.

This technique will help you to pace yourself. Interviewers expect you to pause and think before answering some questions so there is nothing to be self-conscious about.

  1. Say no to Caffeine

Although coffee may the first thing you go for to keep going throughout the day, caffeine ramps up the adrenaline, which in turn can give your more jitters and make you nervous.

Instead of having coffee, make sure you have a good night’s sleep and have breakfast and juice in the morning.

Keep all these points in mind when prepping for an interview and overcome those nerves!

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