5 Interview Tips from Select Jobs


At Select Jobs we deal with employers and job seekers on daily basis and along the way we have learnt about interviews.

Here are some interviews tips from us to get you your dream job –

  • Prepare your answers beforehand

A research before any interview doesn’t hurt. Always google common interview questions so that you can what you have to say to sell yourself.

Think back on the interviews you gave before and prepare yourself so that you can sell yourself in the best possible way.

  • Know your CV

Make sure your read your CV 2-3 times before going for an interview and know your education, work history, your skills by hard.

Know about your career goals and make sure you know how to explain them, because that is the question they will definitely ask.

  • Be Confident

When you go for the interview, be confident. You should be able to tell them why you want to work there, why it is a great job for you, why you are a great fit for the company and what can you bring to the table.

  • Read about the company

Before going for the interview, do a research about the company and about the area you are applying for.

Make sure your dress and act accordingly so that it shows that you have worked for a company before and will fit in easily.

  • Be on time

Be sure to reach for the interview on time. Make sure you get there few minutes earlier so that you can relax and gather your thoughts.

Follow these tips and you’ll be in a great shape to land the job, good luck!


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