5 Ways to Boost Your Career

  • Make a Career plan

First of all, make a 5-year career plan. It may sound tiring but making a plan will help you to know where you want to be.

Have list of reasons and examples on why you should be promoted. Let your boss know that how much you like working there but how you have desire to move forward.

Working for a great company but want to get promoted? Get a one to one meeting with your boss regarding your pay and promotion.

  • Online Presence

Employers just want to know 2 things – can you do the job and will you do the job.

Think about yourself as a brand and make strategy to market yourself as one. If you’re an artist, make sure you have a website to show off your skills.

Make sure take few hours off in a week to stay active online. Update your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Online Portfolio regularly.

Add and follow people who are of your field, post articles on your profile and share articles which you like. It’s a good way to find out of any job vacancies before others.

  • Update your skills

You might have several years of experience but taking a week off and taking skill enhancement classes or relevant course classes can help you keep up with newbies.

  • Network Smartly

It is tempting to go home after work and relax and watch TV but instead go out and attend seminars and work related events.

It can be tiring to take seminars and other career related jargon but it will be fruitful for your career.

  • Fake it until you become it

A study done by Harvard Business School found that nonverbal behavior can change people’s perceptive by changing postures and body language.

Focus on how you walk, sit and stand. Experiments show that people who use positive, dominant body language are more likely to get the job.


So, follow these tips and believe that you are the best in your field until you become it!


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