7 Secret Recruitment Tools for Start-ups Revealed!

A start-up needs talented & professional employees with relevant experience to execute its vision to grow rapidly.

While the entrepreneur creates the vision for his start up, hiring the best talent is the first step that needs execution. When looking for relevant talent the finances can get stretched given that good talent always demands above market compensation Given that startups are stretched in their finances – here are 7 ways in which Entrepreneurs can scout for talent – all free and very effective.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best free resources available on the planet to recruit and attract relevant talent. It is today the world’s largest professional network, where 85% of 400+ million members are open to new opportunities, even if they aren’t looking on job boards.

The following are creative ways in which you can create a recruitment magnet on the platform:

  • Make sure that you have a complete Company page with picture and large number of followers (simple trick is to first invite all employees / vendors / clients to start following the page)
  • Post as job profile updates. Also, ask your colleagues in the company to share. When posting the job, ensure that the job titles are carefully chosen and contain the designations and location as this is what people connected with you see typically
  • Join relevant industry groups and post your jobs in these
  • Actively make connections with potential jobseekers in your industry
  • Ensure that your Company page is actively updated with news about the firm and your employees. Happy pictures from team events and endorsements from clients always helps!
  • Try linking your company page to an active Company Blog. You can also connect it to Twitter / Facebook or creatively use Google Alerts (of your Company PR or Industry press releases) to feed an RSS feed into your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn provides several free widgets to include on your profile to do this easily
  • There is also a lesser known feature where one can publish articles. This should be used selectively once you produce readable / insightful content that you believe will be valuable reading for your audience
  • Paid campaigns are obviously not free, but are an effective tool where we can target the appearance of the advertisements to individuals based on their location and designations


  1. Facebook

Facebook is a social platform that effortlessly creates interactions that startups can use to source talent. A recruiter in a start-up initiates smart strategies to utilize the vast set of features on Facebook.

Despite the fact that Facebook is a social interaction site, recruitment can go viral on Facebook using Career Pages. Career page can include multiple posts of videos, images, & recruitment related events.

  • Create a Facebook page to post recruitment related openings
  • Guide the candidates by including information about multiple job related queries, and assisting in future career planning
  • Regular posting of jobs & job related information
  • Free & immediate responses attract talent
  • Possibility of introducing the office by including office photos and office staff to the prospective employees
  • A showcase of reviews of current employees
  • Shareable content such as blogs, infographics related to jobs & Human Resource.
  • Creating a community to process recruitment related conversations by sharing trending topics
  • Sharing of Jobs for referrals
  • Create an events page to process the success of a job mela planned. The available features to know if the event approaching will be attended or not is also a guiding factor to know if the job event will be a success or not


  1. Google Search Engine

Google is the world’s largest jobsite with more than 90 million profiles searchable for free. To initiate the recruitment process, Google has several resources that could assist the recruiters in many tasks that go beyond imagination.

Google supports certain functions that are available, and can easily be used for recruitments:

  • Google search engine can be required to search more than 90 million free resumes & profiles available on the internet. This point is an entire topic in itself. Google “Learning Boolean searches” or “recruiting with Google Searches” to see how to discover these 90 million free resumes
  • Promoting a recruitment drive on Google+ by posting job requirements
  • Creating job related events & job souks on Google+ & connecting it to other social media for more exposure
  • Publishing recruitment related stories, job descriptions on Google docs
  • Publishing & targeting emails through Google drive
  • Use Google Alerts to be passively informed about companies, candidates and jobs that you want to monitor


  1. Job Classified Sites

All classified websites have the option of posting job requirements for related responses. Paid advertisements are also available on the websites to procure more responses from candidates according to the job descriptions provided in the postings available.

There are several classified sites available on the internet, however the best ones have regular and heavy traffic. The classified listings that would easily gather good responses are well trafficked & those are:

  • Quikr

Quikr provides free job listings and selective featured paid ads that serve the purpose of generating enough resumes through the real time responses of the applying candidates. 50 candidates can easily respond to the jobs posted in Rs. 499/-.

Online, Marketing, Customer Service, Hotel & Tourism, IT, Manufacturing, Sales, Education, accounting & Finance related jobs are not jobs available on Quikr.

  • SelectJobs

Select Jobs is database for candidates at the bottom of the pyramid comprising of 6 million active candidates. Furthermore, a nominal rate of Rs. 1,000 for 150 varied designations to be posted as a complete package for a start-up to keep its office occupied. The first job posting is free, and it provides for free job alerts by SMS.




  • OLX

OLX is also a free classified job listing site that covers a large area of online job offers. Responses to the posted job openings are readily available as the visitors are very active on OLX. With paid advertisements created with more highlighted & effective features, the response rate grows 10 times more.

Angelist, Craigslist, and other small or big classified ads are performers in the field of recruitment with their own set of visitors. A longer list of free classified sites is provided here:

  • olx.in
  • click.in
  • 123oye.com
  • placementpoint.com
  • jobs4jobs.com
  • Chakrii.com
  • goldenjobs.com
  • yuvajobs.com
  • aboutjobs.in
  • 4cjobs.com


  1. Email / Profile Extraction Tools

Social Media, Search Engines, Classified Ads are just a few of the ways of using the internet to source candidates. While there are a list of features of the arrangement an email marketing partakes, it easily creates a reach for candidates & so listed are a few that could be very beneficial:

  • Parsing the email address to get name of the company
  • Email remains one of the most powerful and most underutilized recruitment tolls available
  • Sending jobs by email with certain options are registered emails and interviewing options
  • Using auto responders


  1. Referrals

Referrals are the most inexpensive & effective ways to recruit talent. Referral policies which incentivize employees on successful placement of their referred candidates are now prevalent in most companies. Entire recruitment startups like www.referyes.com, www.myrefers.com, http://www.referme.co.in, www.talentpegs.com have created innovative business solutions using referrals for sourcing candidates.

  1. WhatsApp Sourcing

WhatsApp calling & texting has created a new way to recruit talent in every sector. With secure, simple & reliable ways to interconnect, WhatsApp helps in providing recruiters with real time interaction opportunities that were not available earlier. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Sharing of images easily guide the recruiter with certain documents that can be clicked and sent through WhatsApp
  • Videos created, if are a part of a candidate’s profile it can be easily shared if the connection is reliable and fast
  • Group chatting is possible with certain groups that might assist in the field of recruitments. Many users are using their LinkedIn profile as profile updates to contact mobile numbers, and including as many connections to make the group created a very effective one
  • Sharing of 100 MB of documents can be shared hassle free with PDFs, spreadsheets, and slideshows maintained by candidates as a part of their profile
  • Voice messages are also an important feature that BPO/KPO candidates can easily use to send in their voice resumes

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