7 Tips To Focus Your Job Search


Looking for a new job but don’t know from where to start? Want to try something new but don’t know what is suitable for your skills and career goals?

Fear not Select Jobs is here with 7 simple steps you can follow which can help you to focus your job search:

  • Don’t apply on every job

It might seem easier to apply for every job you come across, you may feel by doing this you well get more responses but this is not true.

Positive replies only come when you apply for the right positions by keeping your skills in mind, so when you apply for an opening make sure you apply for the right job for a positive outcome.

  • G.R.O.W (Goal, Realty, Options, Way Forward)

This method is tried and tested and will provide you with realistic options for your job search.

Ask Yourself –

  • What do I want to get out of my career?
  • How much time will I put in my career?
  • What are my key skills?
  • Which resources do I have?
  • What are my motivations?
  • Analyse your career

Have a look at your CV and analyse your past roles. See in what all area you excelled, what you learned and what you achieved.

Also think about the aspect of roles you would like to take forward in your future job.

  • Application tracking

Sometimes recruiters post same openings on more than 1 job portal/board, which means you run the risk of applying for the same opening multiple time.

This will give the impression to the recruiter that you don’t care which jobs you are applying for or have not done enough research on the company you are applying for.

Keep track of all the applications with company name, position applied for, how you applied and when.

  • Know what you want

Not everyone will like high paced, high pressure working environment with demanding management. If you like to keep to yourself and be left alone, then that job is not for you.

  • Talk to people

Again, whenever you apply for a position, talk to the people who are already working in that industry, this will give an idea of what to expect.

It is far easier to ask people who are doing that job than looking at the job description and deciding if you want to apply for that position.

  • CV

Once you have decided on the role you want to apply for, tailor your CV accordingly for that role. The skills required for that role might be different from the role you have had before.

Create a profile that will help the recruiter/employer to decide that you are a fit for that position. Remember, recruiters do make up their mind in under 30 seconds by scanning your CV.


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