Revealed: The Largest Skilling Program in India


About Skill India & National Skill Development Corporation of India:

Quality-based vocational training education & skill enhancement has become the need of the hour for people looking out for a job with expert specifications. Skill India provides for a freeway for every kind of industry with specialised expert guidance being provided for the sustenance of growth. Mastering a skill with certification specifications to become an expert in one kind of a profession is the primary objective behind Skilling. With skilling being a guideline for a huge & substantial population in India, preparing the masses for lifelong sustenance & a successful career makes this concept a reliable offering for multiple designations & their professional career ahead.



Skilling provides a basic support alongside the following four perpetual considerations for this program to become a reality:

  1. Sourcing & Financing: The foremost step is to provide the monetary kick start to prepare the Skilling Program to hit the masses & train them with appropriate specializations
  1. Training to Certification : With the vocational institutions preparing the trainer base & the training modules, a learner is certified to benefit from the Skill India scheme with the assistance of a certificate
  1. Placement & Linkages: Job placement of all the skilled professionals & a job network created to link & prepare multiple job offers as a scenario for these skilled professionals
  1. Post-Placement Support: Post-placement support starts with providing multiple benefits to the newly joined employee right from providing with a corporate training to giving a small stationery kit, assisting in bio-metric registration to supporting in inter-personal miscalculations, thus identifying the need for support & improvement by enhancing the skills certified in.

A Public-Private-Partnership Company was set up to develop, generate fund, & enable the vocational training institutions & this initiation was done by National Skill Development Corporation in India. The key objective of creating this significant Skill India structure was to provide a true skill based architecture for expert training of specialized & skilled future professionals.

Sectoral Divergence in Skilling Certifications & Sectoral Multiple Partners:

1 Construction 8 Carpenter
2 Automotive 9 Beauty & Wellness
3 Plumbing 10 Healthcare
4 Logistics 11 IT-ITES
5 Security 12 Mining
6 Telecom 13 Retail
7 Electronic & Hardware 14 Tourism & Hospitality

Future of Skill India:

The future of Skill India is strong with National Skill Development Corporation of India created to innovate in the field of Skill India. With an entity proclaiming substantial growth of 290 vocation building institutions, advocacy of numbers shows that National Skill Development Corporation of India develops the need of perfecting a skill in millions of future skilled custodians of Skill India.

With a statistic of 35, 77,444 people employed already & the future preparing for some more, the standards are maintained & the quality analysis is done to create a smart vocational training institution to employ some more people. Innovation in improvising to prepare a larger & creative landscape for skills enhancement & engagement of multiple vocational training institutions to gather expertise from all the sectors & locales possible.



Multiple Partners involved to make Skill India a Success:

  1. Private sectors
  2. International Engagement
  3. Central Ministries
  4. State Governments
  5. University school systems
  6. Non- profit organisations

Flagship programs like Make in India, Swachh Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Smart City, Digital India & Namami Ganga areĀ among many other programs as initiatives to prove that skilling is an industry in itself & a necessity to provide with intelligently skilled experts.

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