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Always wanted to be an Accountant? Recently realised that it’s the right career path for you? Entering the new industry is not easy, especially when you don’t have relevant practical knowledge and experience.

Follow these steps to search for Accountant Jobs –

  • Focus on relevant skills

You should make the employer know your suitability for the job.

This means that you should tailor your CV and cover letter according to the job description of every job you are applying for.

Got no experience to speak of? You can demonstrate your skills by mentioning your qualification which you have completed. It will help you to show the host of valuable skills.

These skills can include from communication, negotiation, numerical skills to knowledge of accountancy practices and global issues.

  • Start from the bottom

Instead of starting with the perfect position, start from an entry level job.

Whether you take a temporary accountant job or permanent role, internship, apprenticeship or a junior role – you’ll be able to gain some vital knowledge you need to progress.

There are plenty of apprenticeships or internships available, which are specifically designed to help you become a fully qualified accountant through learning on the job.

  • Start off from a different field

There are a variety of fields, where you can start your career from and they are closer to accountancy.

Many roles in administration, payroll, bookkeeping and even marketing can help you to break into the industry.

Widening your search will help you to find more opportunities for you, which will help you to stand out from the competition.

  • Qualified

The fastest and most efficient way to get a job in accountancy industry is to get qualified by taking an industry recognised course.

Taking a course will not only help you to get the skills required for the job, but will also show employers that you are dedicated.



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