Is ATS Replacing Human Recruiters!?!


Have you ever applied for a job online and got a reply saying sorry you don’t match our criteria?

Well, in most cases, the chances are that this reply is by an ATS and CV didn’t make it to the actual recruiter.

ATS systems are designed to takes specific information from your CV like experience, skills, etc. and if they don’t match the criteria set by the employer then your CV is discarded.

Here a few tips on how you can make your CV ATS friendly –

  • Your CV Layout

When you submit your application online along with your CV, make sure it doesn’t contain any graphics or images as they move around in the CV and may cause confusion for the ATS and lead to rejection.

Use table to put important information instead of a text box. Make sure the document is properly aligned and does not contain any columns.

Also put your name and contact number on the top of the CV so that it can pick up by the ATS easily.

  • Key Skills

Every job description gives a detail of the skills required for that position, highlighting your skills in your CV will increase your chances of success.

You can create a Key Skills section in your CV and highlight your skills along with job roles.

  • Positions and Date

The ATS uses your job title and dates you worked for the company to make your career profile. Make sure they are easy to read by including month and year in each role with job position.

  • References

It is not recommended to put references on your CV and it is especially important when you apply for jobs online.

If you put references on your CV, chances are high that ATS will take your referees details and recruiters might end up calling your current employer.

  • CV as per role

Every job role is different and that’s why ATS will be looking for different things for different roles.

To make sure software recognizes your skills, show each skill clearly which are required for the job.

Also make sure you submit your document in .docx format as it the file type which is preferred by ATS, if your document is in any other format you can convert it online.

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