Discover the Cutting Edge of Recruitment Technology – Using Missed Calls!

By 2020, 40% of skilled workforce demand is simply an easy take on recruitment technology as is available nowadays to guideline the coming years in the field of recruitment?

With a missed call service available at PAN India level as not an existing element everywhere, a toll free number is enough to start a recruitment process for simple hiring.


Tele -World & the Pan India presence in the field of Missed Calls:

State Circle  Number
Kerala Trivandrum 0471
Karnataka Bangalore 080
All India Toll Free 1800
Delhi Delhi 011 (Coming Soon)
Maharashtra Mumbai 022 (Coming Soon)
West Bengal Kolkata 033 (Coming Soon)
Tamil Nadu Chennai 044 (Coming Soon)

How Would a Missed Call Service Guide an Employer in the Recruitment Process? :

When there is a need for a talented professional in any organization whether it be a blue collared associate or a grey collared sales professional, integration of a new technology such as a missed call service can be beneficial enough with certain value additions elaborated below:

  • A missed call service can generate enough candidate leads for a recruitment campaign in any organization to fulfill their urgent requirement
  • Through missed call service activities, candidates get plenty of job offers or they can apply for the jobs available with a few simple steps
  • An employer receives a detailed missed call report to initiate a revert call back for a mobile interview initially & then a personal interview later to ascertain the candidate one-on-one, to gather enough feedback of that candidate & then initiate an SMS blast after multiple levels of questioning to the final step of selection & feedback
  • A blue collared professional, for e.g. A candidate might be a delivery associate who responds via a missed call if he possesses a two wheeler or not as this is a significant criterion for the particular employer to seek delivery boys for an interview.
  • A revert SMS explaining the job profile with a job description after receiving a missed call from a candidate can be integrated onto the recruitment software with little information that can be placed in a 160 character message


How would you integrate a Missed Call Service in a Cloud Computing Recruitment Software?

For a sales agent who might not have a Smartphone to interact with his future employer, a missed call service along with SMS reverts as a structure of essential information plays an economical part in searching for a job with high benefits and good remuneration. For an employer, a high end recruitment software should have a missed call service integration so as to include handlers configured for better recruitment and for high-guarded experience.

A Missed call service with the above mentioned benefits only shows through if a software integration of the connected features are added to give an essential quality to the entire recruitment process or else a missed call would remain just that:

Let’s explain this feature integration with an example of the same sales agent requirement that an employer might have thus assisting himself with a missed call service to employ the selected individual. A missed call is placed, and then the employer reacts in the following way:

  1. Send a voice message with an interview scheduled as an informational reply to the sales agent seeking out a job
  2. An E-mail is sent to the candidate if he has created one. More reply handlers are configured onto the recruitment software to assist him in replying back to any blue collared candidate
  3. Normally, anyone would place a call back if you receive a missed call & a missed call will necessitate the same even in the recruitment process.

A Professional Recruitment Software brings in real time notifications for a candidate to receive proper intimations, and it necessitates minute by minute reporting of how many missed calls one receives in a day, the number of automated reverts of voice messages or SMS alerts sent as information to candidates seeking a comfortable work environment also called the right job.

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