How To Return To Your Former Employer

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In today’s world, best companies with best cultures and environment are seeing old employees leave for one reason or the other. Many businesses face the on-going challenge of replacing old employees with new employees.

Employers normally feel that new employees should come in the organisation to get in the fresh ideas and new perspectives. However, what challenges employees can face when they are returning for their second term?

  • Relevant experience

You have an advantage of other members of staff as you have longer experience of the company. This can help you to add value to the organisation by making business decisions based on your previous experience.

  • Add outside experience

Whilst you might have greater experience of the long-term history of the company, but you do also have experience from your previous company. Be proactive and use this outside knowledge in your current company and explain how these were successful and showcase what you have learned while you were away.

  • Troubleshoot

It is very much likely that senior management of your company is still the same unless you have been away for more than a decade. You an use this to your advantage and pre-empt the request you can see the board making as you have better knowledge of their personalities.

  • Let the past go

You have previous experience of the company and that might come handy in managing management personalities and organisation culture, but you should resist to talk about the past experiences with older employees within the company.

So, don’t talk about how great team you had back in the days, this might alienate your colleagues who must have formed their own dynamics while you were away.

  • Keep it professional, always!

In every organisation, there is someone whose personality is totally different to yours and that means it can lead to clashes. Don’t talk about your old colleagues who have left the company. You don’t who are still friends with the employees who left the company.

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