Happy Birthday Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar!


Today the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar turned 44 years old. He has been the God of Cricket and so many youngsters look up to him for his dedication, hard work and sacrifices he did for one thing – Cricket!

Here are top 5 statements given by Sachin Tendulkar to boost your confidence –

  1. My Life has been 22 yards for 24 years

This statement shows how Sachin was dedicated to his sport. He has been focused on cricket from his teenage until his retirement.

  1. Never try to compare yourself with anybody else

He always said that everybody is different and everybody is special. Do what you know and strive to get successful in your field without comparing yourself with others.

  1. If you fail, get right back up!

Don’t ever let failure, defeat you or define you. Always learn from your downfalls and if you fall down, get up again and face the problem again.

  1. Chase your dreams, but don’t find shortcuts

AS Sachin said, shortcuts will give you temporary success. Chase your dreams but work for them, work hard to achieve those dreams and you will find success.

  1. Don’t stop chasing dreams because dreams do come true!

This statement gives us a belief in dreams. You may get failure in every step to achieve your dream, but don’t lose hope as dreams are not easy to achieve, but if you have that calibre and that zeal in you, you can live your dream one day.

The quotes by Sachin gives you hope and confidence to achieve the unachievable. Sachin scored more than 50,000 runs in is careers with 100 international centuries and 200 test matches.

Be the Sachin Tendulkar of your field, no matter what you do, do it with dedication and hard work and never forget what you want to achieve because you fail not once, not twice but many times, it’s the fire in you which will help you to achieve your goals!

Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar and thank you for teaching us that dreams do come true!

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