Hiring Networks – Networking to Recruit Blue Collared Employees!

A hiring network is established to recruit bottom of the pyramid job seekers. Every organization undertakes recruitment drives through these hiring networks to employ reliable drivers, hardworking housekeeping professionals etc.

  • Physical touchpoints where candidates can enroll, receive job alerts & apply for jobs

Sourcing of employees requires a physical interaction for people seeking for jobs. Job Centers (JC) maybe small retail shops, food stalls where jobs are easily available for blue collared employees. Chances are that the network of such job seekers will come to inquire at such a designated place. These job centers typically need a computer, phone, and an internet connection along with a specific location of footfall area. Job Centers are franchise outlets a hiring network could make good use of.



  • Verification using Aadhaar cards

Nowadays, even for a housemaid an address verification is required and this is easily done with a voting Identity card or an Aadhaar card. This kind of verification takes place before the applicant meets the employer. This is essential for blue collared employees as well.

  • Technology integration in Recruitment…

JAM technologies form the bedrock of the Indian initiative for the entire bottom of the pyramid population. When recruitment turns a need for the job seeker and the employer, technology to assist the various methods of hiring is required to make the interaction of the employee with the employer an easy one. Technologies such as Internet, Mobile could drive an employer to make recruitment an easy assignment we undertake nearly every day.

  • Low Tech innovations like Missed calls, Voice Broadcasts

Even low cost SMS services or missed call provisions from the employer can make candidate seeking an effective recruitment drive. Some hiring networks such as Select Jobs has a refined missed call service to call back candidates who are in dire need of a job.

  • Use of Referrals

The hiring of blue-collared/ grey-collared employees uses referrals & trust implicitly. A formal hiring network that uses word of mouth referrals & incentives for the same can create a force multiplication effect in the hiring of blue collared candidates.


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