How to Hire Delivery Boys?


Diwali is a time for revelry for festivity to flow from one doorstep to another. This is the reason to make people happy & interconnect everyone we associate with. It is a time for delivering flowers, cakes, sweets or corporates gifts. It is the E-commerce boom that helps in exchanging & giving of gifts from one place to another. This requires large numbers of courier associates or delivery boys to make celebrations in Diwali a joyful one.

Hiring demand for delivery associates is perpetual with certain criteria listed below a necessity for a hiring benchmark:

  • Nominal experience in delivery of certain products
  • 10th pass or 12th pass educational qualification or minimum
  • A two-wheeler with a valid driving license or a better equivalent such as a four wheeler with a valid license
  • Smartphone with 3G/4G benefits
  • Flexible enough with day/night shift timings
  • Good communication skills in Hindi, and English
  • Ability to carry heavy loads
  • Loading /Unloading Analytics
  • The difference between delivery zones & times zones to work accordingly


To hire delivery boys, recruitment agencies use innovative sourcing methods. Hiring delivery allocates:

  • Buying the database of recruitment agencies to utilize the recruitment features in a functional & effective manner
  • Distributing pamphlets for experienced candidates for eg. near 2 wheeler parking areas or small courier companies
  • Organizing an event whereby canopies placed in certain localities bring in associates who are ready for change in jobs
  • SMS campaigns work better than E-mail campaigns for delivery boys as ready information goes directly to the mobile phones
  • Selecting retail shops as franchise operators to bring in experienced or reliable freshers for delivery of different types of packages.


If most of the above criteria are fulfilled in a delivery associate, certain factors involved in retaining an experienced employee are listed below:

  1. Good incentives with every parcel delivered
  2. Fuel reimbursements for the private vehicle utilized
  3. A handsome remuneration of Rs. 15, 000/- to Rs. 20, 000/- with little experience & appraisal facility on performance


There are new hiring networks like that uses local events and technology such as missed calls to get delivery boys into an online database for companies to hire. Select jobs has more than 15000 such delivery boys in its database.




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