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Interviews can be intimidating, to help you go through with it Select Jobs is here with a guide which will help you to get noticed and sell yourself effectively in an interview.

  1. Read about the company

We can’t stress this enough, before going for any job interview, make sure you read about the company and check their social media accounts and recent news.

This will help you to show during the interview that you have read about the company.

  1. Experience

Interviewers will always ask you about your relevant experience, take this opportunity to explain your experience and don’t forget to mention the results.

Explain your learnings and success from the previous projects or situations which will mean you can do something else in this job successfully.

  1. Ambitions and Goals

If you are interested in making a carrier in the company then make sure you mention it to the interviewer. This will help interviewer to know that you will be joining for long term and won’t be a flighty choice.

Read articles and news about the industry and tell the interviewer about the same as it will make the interviewer keen on your intention of progress.

  1. Team Work

Every company is looking for an individual who can work alone as well as in a team.

Interviewers will always want to know that how you worked with a team how you brought success to the table.

There will be times when you will have to work alone, so tell the interviewer how you are a self-starter, self-motivated and successful whilst working alone.

  1. Motivated

When you tell the interviewer that you are ”motivated”, you are not only telling the interviewer that you are productive worker, but also telling them that you want the company to grow.

This will help the interviewer to feel sure that they can count on you to do your job with the best of your ability.


Follow these tips to sell yourself effectively to the interviewer. For more career advice, click here.

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