Human Resource Management in a Start-Up


Human resource management is a vast source of information to make hiring and retaining of employees a regular act and a successful one to make any organisation a complete performer in the process of interacting with employees. In a Start-up, this is a true necessity to make the entity a powerful one. A human resource team completes every operational process in an organisation with professionals who work towards completing every task.  Right from locating professionals who are not just creative and talented, to training them in every other aspect in addition to retaining them & maintaining the right decorum of professional relations, human resource maintains the right balance in ascertaining the future performance of an organisation.

While we create a team in every department through the process of hiring, we make sure we make a procedure that is feasible for a Start-up. A Start-up is different from any other big organisation & hence processes & procedures are dissimilar as well.

Organising Human Resource in a Start-Up:

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With pointers briefly explained below, organising a start-up only perpetuates that a true professional will organise a new venture easily, but strategically:

  • Training the recruiters to get the right professional into the organisation to provide an all-rounder experience to the start-up thus initiated.
  • Sourcing the right candidates through multiple networks either online or offline
  • Describing the job profile in a terse manner to guide the prospective employee & train their minds beforehand to create a career mindset beforehand
  • Handling interviews & processing a schedule to make multiple interactions in the scheduled time limit
  • Preparing a background check to understand the candidate credentials
  • Preparing an offer letter, an appointment letter, a salary break-up manual, a compensation calendar & other important templates
  • Preparing an analytical reporting structure & maintaining a structural hierarchy of professionals thus resourced, and respecting the complete level laid down on the departmental platter
  • Developing a smart exit policy with easy relieving procedures that is employee-friendly to make smooth transitions from a start-up to an organisation, big or small
  • Compensation analysis to bring in deserving yearly appraisals & performance bonus with a good incentive plan to keep employees satisfied & motivated so as to accomplish their maintained tasks
  • Employee Engagement activities to keep the employees always encouraged and involved.

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A Start-Up History to Put Human Resource into a Priority Perspective

With people serving to organise a new business, an employee who is keen to perform even better in any organisation transcends beyond the regular work-life scope. While we try to organise ourselves to function periodically & for a lasting impression, we organise procedures and people around us. For example, when you initiate a novel concept to the world, you need to plan, outline and organise in multiple ways on multiple platforms. A human resource professional might be tuned to give the best performance in a big organisation, however when it comes to a start-up, unlearning & relearning the basics of restarting and reorganising becomes a must to perform & succeed. This is why a human resource professional schedules, plans, organises to perform and seeks performance in others as well.

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