ICC Champions Trophy Final 2017

It was a sunny English day at The Oval yesterday where India and Pakistan fought for the ICC Champions Trophy and it was a good match, rather the team which was working as a team on the field took the game.

We can learn 3 things from Champion’s Trophy final –

  • Team Work

Be it cricket or at work, team work plays a vital role for success. Pakistan played as a team yesterday. The Hardik Pandya’s run out showed that teamwork is important to win games.

This applies for employees as well, team members should be in sync to achieve the common objective or blunders like yesterday’s match can happen.

  • Dedication

At the start of the tournament everybody disregarded Pakistan team and were written off after the first match with India. Pakistan team didn’t lose hope and they were dedicated and worked hard and went on to beat Srilanka and England to reach finals where they finally were crowned the champions.

Employees should learn from this that you might fail n number of times, but you should always try your best with all your dedication. Falling and refusing to get up is quitting but falling and refusing to give up is dedication.

  • Mistakes

We witnessed many mistakes in yesterday’s game, be it Bumrah’s no ball or Kohli’s lousy shot. Mistake makes man perfect and they are essential in life.

Same things go for employees, don’t be afraid of making mistakes because mistakes only make one perfect.

Try to do things the way you think is right, you might fail, but that failure will help you to recognise where you went wrong and gives you an opportunity to rectify that mistake so that you don’t repeat it in the future.


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