Internship Guide: Tips to land your dream internship!


Landed a fantastic internship?

Brilliant news! You can increase your chances of getting shortlisted with the help of your CV.

Here are 4 simple steps to write an amazing internship CV:

  1. Know the basics

Your CV needs to look good and polished, even though you are a fresher.

All the important information should be on a single page with a simple CV format, make sure your work experience and education is in reverse chronological order.

The CV should be structured with bullet points so that recruiters can read it easily.

  1. Contact Information

Your contact details should be on the top of your CV with full name, contact number and email address.

Providing your address is not compulsory, especially if you’re applying for an internship outside your home town.

Provide links to your personal blog, website or social media profile if relevant (e.g. LinkedIn profile).

  1. Objective (Introduction)

An objective statement is your introduction in which you should mention about yourself, your career goals and the internship (which you are applying for) will help you to achieve those goals.

Wrong :

Hard working MBA is looking for an internship to improve skills.


MBA graduate in (stream) seeking internships to improve on communication and team skills. Team player of Soccer team with +3 years of experience as captain at (university name)

  1. Education

As a fresher, it’s fine if you don’t have any experience. Make sure to highlight your education because recruiters will be looking at this section for your skill set.

In this section make sure you include your course details and skill set which are relevant for this internship.

If you haven’t obtained your degree yet, here’s what you can say:

University of X (2014-present)

Expected to graduate in 2017 in X (Course name)


Now get out there and get your dream internship today!

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