Things To Take With You For An Interview

You might have figured out what are you going to wear for the interview, prepared answers for the questions, but figuring out what to bring for the interview is also important.

Having the right things, when you go for the interview can demonstrate your dedication to the employers, so it’s important that you get yourself organised.

Here are four things that you should take with you:

  • Copies of CV

Make sure you print out multiple copies of your CV.

Some recruiters might bring your CV, but keeping a few copies handy and giving them on request will show that you came prepared.

Make sure you bring enough copies for all the recruiters who are going to interview you.

That way all the recruiters interviewing you will have copy for themselves and will help them to refresh themselves on your skills and experience. Inspire potential questions or simply verify what you are saying.

  • Notepad and Pen

Whenever you go for an interview, don’t forget to take a notepad and a pen along with you. This will show the employer that you have thought ahead.

There are a variety of things which you might have to note down during an interview, like – important names, phone numbers or key skills required for the role.

By doing this you are showing the recruiters that you invested in the job. These notes can also help you to refer back to the interview, whether to follow up or just to reflect on it.

  • Examples of work you have done

Employers love the candidates who can back up their claims with the help of real example.

The best way to do this is by bringing the examples of your work to the interview. This won’t work for every industry but those who are looking for a job in digital, creative or media industry, must bring real examples.

Examples can be your university dissertation or essays or any other form of written prose (this could include blogs, story, articles) to your architectural, design or fashion portfolios.

  • Questions

So, you have prepared answers to the questions, but what about the questions?

After every interview, recruiters give you an opportunity to ask questions, and the worst thing you can do is sit blank there.

You might come up with a few questions during the interview, but replying on that alone is risky, especially when the interviewer is thorough.

It is also a great way of getting the information, which you were unaware of. Asking questions also shows that you cared for the job and if you ask the right one, you may be fit for the company.

Going in with no questions can lead to end your interview with an awkward silence.

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