How to Reject an Offer Letter


Accepting an offer letter is easy but when it comes to reject an offer letter, people tend to do it verbally and leave it at that.

When you decide to decline the offer letter, send a graceful and polite rejection letter to maintain a good relationship with the employer because you never know, employer can make you a better offer or have an opening for the position you preferred.


When you have decided to reject the offer, keep these things in mind –


  • Be prompt – As soon as you decide that you are not interested in the job make sure to call the hiring manager and write your rejection letter.
  • Be courteous – The job might not be the right fit for you or the offerings weren’t tempting enough but you want to be considered for the future job openings. So be courteous and thank all the who interviewed you and wish them and their organization good luck and continued success.
  • Be diplomatic – You might have received another offer which can be more generous or perfect fit for you, avoid divulging the details of the position you are accepting. Let the hiring manager know that you were thankful for their time and were highly impressed with the organization and you carefully considered the offer but you are accepting the offer which you think is right for your career.
  • Be concise – Be to the point and don’t flaunt your achievements and credentials, organization know your potential and it was one of the reason they made you an offer. Keep your letter short and precise.


Sample Rejection Letter –




Hiring manager’s name




Dear XXX,

Firstly I would like to thank you for making me an offer letter for the position. After careful consideration of the offer, I regret to inform you that I will not be accepting the offer because (Reason for not accepting the offer letter).

It was a nice opportunity to meet you and your team at (company’s name). You have been very kind and graceful throughout the interview process, I wish I could accept your offer.

I wish you, your team and company continues success!



Your Name

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