5 Mistakes to Avoid While Searching For a Job!

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Candidates today tend to make mistakes when looking for a job, in a hurry to find jobs they apply with half-cooked CVs or apply to jobs which are not even relevant to their skills.

Avoiding these small mistakes can help a candidate to get the right job which fits ones skills and experience and will shorten job search time.

  • Vague CVs

Looking for jobs in a hurry without taking time means writing a CV which is unclear. No agency or recruiter will decipher CV to understand it.

When writing a CV in a hurry, it shows to the recruiters that candidates are not sure what type of role they are looking for, which puts candidate out of the frame for most of the roles.

Before writing a CV, talk to people who are in that role or agency and try to understand what recruiters look for in a candidate and then take your time and work on your CV.

  • Sharing bad experiences

You may have been fired or had a bad experience with your previous employer. You should never share this information with your potential employer as it will not help you to grab a job.

Employers tend to hire candidates who are low risk and are attracted by those candidates who are motivated rather than complicated.

Talk about your career as a coherent story and tell them why this job is beneficial for your future.

  • Applying for random jobs

You might be tempted or desperate to get a job and will apply on every job available, by doing this you’ll get only one thing – disappointment.

You won’t hear a reply or feedback from the employer and will send a message that you yourself is not sure what you want to do and are unclear on what value you can add to the organization.

Research on industry you interested are in and apply for jobs which fits your skills and interests. This approach is more likely to get your CV more views from employers and can get you shortlisted in very short span of time.

  • Internet is not the only way

Today everybody is looking/applying for jobs online and are tempted towards job boards. Job boards or job portals can help you find jobs in your area of interest and can very well give you links to candidate hungry agencies.

However, you should also look at other job searching methods such as networking, talking to the people of the organization you are interested in, following up personal leads and unsolicited approaches to employers.

  • Communicating the wrong way at the wrong time

Instead of telling people how bad job hunting can be, try to explain what you are looking for in a job and what kind of jobs interest you. This is more likely to get you offers.

You should spend at least one day to socialize with people and talk to them about what kind of job fascinates you instead of pitching yourself to everybody.

If you have friends who are at Executive positions, don’t ring them up until and unless you are sure what you can offer and what you want from the job.

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