Tips on Succession Planning

To help you make the most of the opportunity, here are some tips for succession planning –

1. Job Description

Reading job description is important as it can help you to identify the roles which can help you to progress and understand the key skills required for the job.

It will also help you to recognize the main roles you’ll have to perform in the job and find the right skills and qualifications.

2. Have regular meetings with your manager

Make sure to have regular meeting with your manager to discuss about your goals, career ambitions and current progress in the organization. Also make sure to get feedback on your weakness and suggestions on how you can improve them.

3. Development Opportunities

Always keep on adding to your skills by taking on work and off work training sessions. This will not only help you to be a more viable candidate, but will also help you to add on to your skill set.

4. Set and Achieve Targets

Once you recognise your weaknesses or areas of improvement, start working on them with attainable and measurable goals. Also use this as an opportunity for promotion if you hit your targets.

5. Measure your progress

Review your progress with your manager in every six months or yearly. This will help you to get some guidance and will also inform the senior management that you are working on your career and want to move ahead.

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