Tips To Pass 30 Seconds CV Test

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Candidates often believe writing long and descriptive applications will help them land a job, but this is not true. Employers decide whether to read your CV or not within 30 seconds!

Want to know something more interesting? Most recruiters make ‘fit/no fit’ decision in less than 6 seconds from scanning your application.

  1. Keep CV short and clear

Don’t try to oversell your application with wordy content, fonts and profile pictures or other distractions. A CV should be maximum of two to three pages.

Use bullet points and use short and precise sentences. Don’t write a story, focus on your job content i.e. your experience, what you did with examples and clear language.

Use headings where ever possible and bold font to make key information stand out.

According to a study recruiters spend 80% of their reading time on:

  • Name
  • Current position/company
  • Previous position/company
  • Current position/company start/end date
  • Previous position/company start/end date
  1. As the saying goes ‘First impression is the last impression’

Make sure your CV has no mistakes at all! It’s safe and best to get your CV checked by two to three friends to be sure. Errors are unforgivable and can result in instant rejection from the recruiter or can get your application straight to the bottom of the pile.

Also, don’t use your school days email address instead make a new, more professional, email address to put on your application.

  1. Gaps and Job-Hopping

Gaps between your jobs should be explained to the recruiter with the help of cover letter. Same goes for the job hopping.

The recruiter is not going to wait for the face to face explanation and your application may get rejected.

  1. Facts and Examples

Tell the recruiter about your achievements and real skills you have acquired from previous jobs.

Demonstrate your skills like to managed people or reduced expenditure when you are called in for your interview, your CV is not the place to put all these skills.

  1. Tailor it to the job role

Always read the job description carefully and compare your CV to it so that you can move the relevant points to the top.

Keep in mind that your CV is the only tool that will help you to land an interview and help you to meet your potential employer.

Include enough information to satisfy the job description, but aim to tantalise the reader so that they want to invite you in to learn more about you.

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